How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living

Maybe you even hope to find a life partner. Can you find a significant other? Well, that might be a little more complicated. I am a single something chick who has been full-time RVing for over three years. During this time, I have had dates but only one short-term boyfriend. So how does one date on the road, especially when moving frequently? I boondock full-time, which means I must move about every two to three weeks depending on where I am.

Taxes when you live fulltime in an RV

Despite how many others are doing it, moving into an RV is a huge change for most people. Our ultimate guide on how to start living in an RV full time is here to help answer all of your questions. It takes a certain type of person to give up the comforts of home, especially if you plan to pull up your roots and travel for much of the year. Of course, RV life is much easier for some than others.

For example, retirees, freelancers, and others not tied down in a single place are prime candidates for life on the road. At the same time that RV life suits certain people, it is also more difficult for others to achieve.

How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living: Tips & Checklist · 1. Set a Date Before you dive into the details of this transition, you first need to set a departure date. · 2​.

I loved college so much. It was an amazing four years, and when it was finally over, I felt like a huge part of my identity was suddenly gone. I had been a student in a classroom for almost my entire life, and I wasn’t really sure where to go from there. All I knew was that I wanted to mark this time in my life with something unique, extraordinary, and way out of my comfort zone. I had read a few articles about people who had quit their jobs, sold most of their belongings, and took off across the country in a van , and I suddenly thought, “What’s holding me back from doing that exact same thing?

My partner, Jesse, and I had just started dating about a month and a half before graduation. It came as a surprise to everyone most of all myself , as I had been focused on finishing school single and free. My plan was to move thousands of miles away right after graduation, but I quickly realized nothing ever usually goes as planned.

Neither Jesse nor I was tied to leases at the end of the month, and we didn’t want to go in on a new apartment, so we hatched a plan: we bought a year-old RV motorhome from a retired cowboy named Bruce.

Dating as a Full-Time RVer: Can It be Done?

Are you just now entering the world of full-time RVing or RV travel? Are you looking for an escape of the norm for the possibility of many adventures in RV life? Some people enjoy testing RV life by renting an RV prior to buying one! People spend months and even years planning the exact day they will own their very own RV and travel full time.

“The fact is that 50 percent of our buyers are first-time RV owners,” says But dating the industry’s resurgence to the start of the decade isn’t just years full-​time in his own RV, interviewing fellow owners across the country to.

January marks three years on the road for us. It feels like it was only yesterday that we started this journey, yet we can hardly remember our lives before. We’ve had many ups and few downs living an in RV, but we’re quite content with our lives. We know we changed as the years passed, but this was recently confirmed when we visited some friends from college.

The last time we had visited was two years ago, only one year into traveling full-time. It helped us to see there were more changes than we realized happening and we knew it all stemmed from our experience on the road. When you live in an RV, you adopt a mantra: one in, one out. The fact that we no longer watch much TV and even fewer commercials means we’re not as bombarded by messaging to buy, buy, buy and have less impulse to go shopping.

We now collect memories and sunsets with a few smashed pennies and stickers thrown in for good measure.

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The county had just made the decision to close down all RV parks and hotels, and the couple had 72 hours to pack up and leave. Understandably, they have to protect their own. They are just one example of the many full-time RVer families who have had to scramble for a place to settle down somewhat indefinitely as the coronavirus pandemic puts city after city on lockdown across the United States.

They stayed near a lake on the Texas-Mexico border for a night en route.

Looking to downsize and convert to full-time RV living? and we do our best to keep it accurate and up-to-date, but it may contain errors.

Jobs, families, debt and more become massive roadblocks for planning a trip that lasts beyond a few weeks, and these concerns are justified. School, pregnancy and medical conditions are obvious events that would make traveling in the immediate future difficult or impossible. Less obvious factors include financial debt , children , dogs , and other life planning that might take precedent.

However, people travel under the above-mentioned factors and so it all comes down to personal preference. Creating a mission statement or specifying a goal for the trip helps with most of the remaining questions. Now that the trip is a possibility and some of the key questioned are answered, planning the trip is now possible.

This continues to be the case, usually until the first big purchase is made: The vehicle. If the group is small, a van is a versatile , cost-effective approach to the full time traveling lifestyle. Van dwelling, as they call it, is an increasingly popular option for wanderers.

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This comprehensive annual report provides a detailed look at RV wholesale production for the most recent ten-year period. It provides data on market percentages by size and type of vehicles; regional, state and provincial deliveries to dealers; and, wholesale and retail dollar volume of shipments. An analysis of the year’s RV production as it relates to the nation’s overall economy is also presented.

Use the interactive economic contributions map to view the economic impact the RV industry has in your state or congressional district. The study provides a deep analysis of the aftermarket buying process with a look at how the aftermarket contributes to the lifestyle of RVers. These RVers were the decision-makers for purchase, service, and maintenance of their RVs, and had made an aftermarket purchase in the past two years.

The Spencers eased into full-time RV life slowly, starting with a pop-up In late April, the Greens packed up Shorty for a “date day” jaunt to.

When it comes to life on the road, technology helps in so many ways — not just for convenience but it can also help us stay safe, save money, and make the most of our travels. If you want to read our review and see the great Passport America campgrounds and RV parks we stayed at, click here. But this app is must for members because it makes it much quicker to find RV parks than using their website.

You can get directions right to the camping spots from the app! It finds you automatically, shows you the exits ahead and what gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. This is super helpful if you are looking for a specific business Starbucks! What makes this app even more helpful is that it is integrated with Yelp, Gas Buddy, and Travel Coupons — so it tells you the ratings of the upcoming restaurants plus gas and hotel prices!

You can easily search for businesses and tourist spots, get directions, helps you find the best route, re-routes if necessary, and even gives you real-time traffic information. Ok, we get it, you already know how great Google Maps is. But, what makes it even better for RVers is that you can see a satellite view of a business or street. This is always helpful in determining if our RV will fit in certain parking lots.

You can also leave your own photos and reviews of the places you visit to help out other travelers! Not only does the Chimani app serve as a travel guide for your Park visits, but it is the ultimate source for information and photos of the National Park System, including national monuments, seashore, historic sites, and more.


Yet, more and more people are choosing to live the RV life lately. A friend of mine told me the other day that when she first launched into the full time RV living lifestyle 5 years ago, they never had a problem pulling into a campground without a reservation and finding an open campsite. Wait now Side note – YES! Full time RV travel is something we don’t see us stopping anytime soon!

If you wish to reserve dates that include the 90th day AND thereafter, please call the the park office at Reservations must be paid in full at time of booking.

Some people say opposites attract. But what if all of your favorite activities are opposites? That might not work out too well. Believe it or not, there are websites out there that are built to help single RVers find other single RVers. Different dating clubs offer different services. You will find some that have online chat functions or message boards, while others offer full dating services. At the end of the day, many of these sites have the goal of bringing people together by arranging meetup groups for campgrounds.

Or, you can go to websites that are specifically designed to help RVers meet other RVers. Loners on wheels is not a dating site, but a travel network and community for support. They say that love can bloom between their loners, but they are focused on bringing people together and creating a camping community. Use your personal judgement when meeting people online. Always be truthful with your own pictures and interests, but know that some people are not truthful over dating sites.

When it comes time to meet in person, choose a public area and meet there. Sometimes all you need to feel warm fuzzies inside is a warm furry friend to cuddle up with in your RV.

25 Things to Know (2020) Before Living Full-Time in an RV

Want a scenic background mountain view? How about a million dollar beach front? Living in an RV makes that possible.

For Full-Time RVers, Sheltering In Place Is Not An Option. As state parks and RV lots close due to the pandemic, many people with mobile homes.

Living in an RV and traveling around the United States and Canada, even some of Mexico, can be one of the most beautiful ways to turn a life into a flower, always growing, seeing more, living well. To slumber into the history of everything east of the Mississippi. To find freedom on the road in a life lived more simply. Charts and statistics on every state in the United States. How much private and public campgrounds cost, as well as free camping, focus on RVs and vanlife.

A plethora of information from initial steps to actual positions that are traveling compliant to stories of people who are already doing it. We live and work on the road, so can you! Every state park in the fifty United States which offers camping suitable for RVs. We review several methods of connecting to the web, rate them, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

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Digital nomads have brought tiny houses, van living, full-time RV living and full-time travel to the forefront of American life. Motorhomes :. Trailers :. Campers :. You can get RVing memberships from organizations like Passport America and Good Sam, which can help get you discounts and save. The actual restrictions vary widely from county to county, and many counties do allow you to store or temporarily stay in an RV while you are building a home, but most specifically prohibit using an RV as your permanent residence.

Create a sense of urgency and give yourself a realistic timeline to start putting the pieces together to start RVing full-time, by circling a date on.

Monitoring legislation, defeating detrimental laws, and educating city, county, state and federal officials about the amazing community of full-time RVers is a long-term commitment. The issues are complex and sometimes controversial, so each one requires careful scrutiny and deliberate well-though-out action. Escapees RV Club remains politically neutral and does not endorse one party over another. When we take an advocacy position, it will always be with a clear conscience and the intent of goodwill.

We realize that is a hard line to walk in politics, but it is our pledge. We cannot fight every fight; and, we will not win every time we chose to fight.

The Ultimate Guide to Living in an RV and Making Money From Anywhere

Transitioning from free spirited bartender to kick ass mom of a 3-year-old has been an amazing journey. Writer, Editor, Wife, Mom. Trailer Life reader Michael Myer’s easy and economical tip for mounting solar deck lights on the entry steps to his RV.

Committed to providing the most credible, up-to-date industry data provides a detailed look at RV wholesale production for the most recent ten-year period. Members may access the full executive summary here and the full report here.

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Dating While Living in Your Van RV

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